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Croota’s "Calligraphy" underwear at mv4men

Martes, 26 de Junio de 2012

Well, what can I say, Coota, now one of the leading Australian designer underwear producers is capturing an increasing part of the European market. And of course they are constantly increasing their range of men’s quality underwear. The latest addition is the “Calligraphy Boxer“. This Croota hipster features a sporty square cut and body – hugging design made from high quality cotton and feels great against your skin with a slick fit. As you can see on our website it comes in blue and chocolate with the white Croota waistband “United States of Australia”.

 Equally amazing is the price – it retails at only Euro 16 or USD 19.99 and I challende you to find similar underwear of this quality and design at the price. Orders can be made as to today from the mv4men store and by clicking on  Croota here to see the whole Croota range we have on offer at www.mv4men.com.

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New Timoteo Sport 2.0 Collection

Jueves, 7 de Junio de 2012

Timoteo, the Los Angeles based men’s athletic-wear brand catering to stylish men seeking the ultimate in comfort and design, unleashes its next generation fitness brief this summer, Timoteo SPORT 2.0.  Made from a cotton/spandex blend, the collection features the season’s steamiest colors in contrasting designs (white against orange & blue trim, royal blue against varsity green trim, black against red and black against striker blue trim) in four bold styles: the SUPER LOW, the SCOUT BOXER BRIEF, the best selling ATHLETE JOCK and the SOCCER JOCK. All styles feature Timoteo’s contemporary custom-designed waistband.  Timoteo SPORT 2.0 is available now at specialty stores, online retailers and at Timoteo.net

“SPORT 2.0 is the new-and-improved version of one of our best-selling collections ever,” said Timoteo Ocampo, Creative Director and Co-Owner of Timoteo.  “Similar to the original line, briefs are specially geared towards the athletic guy who spends a great deal of his day working out in the gym. He drinks protein shakes, wears weight lifting gloves and belts.  The SPORT 2.0 collection is one more tool to help him reach his full fitness potential… and look damn good while doing it.”

Before launching his own label, Ocampo worked as a designer; first for XOXO and later at Baby Phat, where he helped launch the brand with Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee. He names Yves Saint Laurent as one of his greatest influences.
“Our customers are constantly offering their feedback and what we hear most is they are bored of off-the-shelf underwear with no style,” continues Ocampo.    “They want underwear that has a personality, is sporty, and available in a wide assortment of fresh, fun colors.”

The demand for SPORT 2.0 is so great, the line has already begun shipping to retailers in the UK, Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan as well as the USA and Canada.

“As the economy gets stronger and there is more consumer spending towards personal items, we are seeing a demand for a more diverse underwear drawer in men’s closets,” agrees Joel Johnston, CEO and Co-Owner of Timoteo, who predicts SPORT 2.0 will be merely the beginning of the label’s sports offerings.   “Men have more money to spend and they are spending it on quality designs.”

In addition to SPORT 2.0, Timoteo is unveiling a second underwear line for summer 2012 called Classic Luxury Mesh, set to release June 1st.

“As an underwear designer it is my job to keep the designs fresh and unique and ahead of the curve,” Ocampo says.

Timoteo launched ten years ago as a small storefront in West Hollywood, CA that manufactured select fashion pieces for men.  It has since evolved into a fun and hip brand that produces a full line of product across multiple categories including, underwear, swim wear, denim and sportswear.

For a sneak peak at SPORT 2.0 visit http://www. timoteo.net/

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Croota MidPoint Hipster underwear – new MV4MEN

Martes, 31 de Enero de 2012

New midpoint hipster from Croota – the best from MV4MEN

Midpoint hipster is just one of two new designer underwear items just released by Croota Australia in 2012 – and they are super sexy.

This Croota hipster features a sporty square cut and body-hugging design , made from a high quality cotton that feels great against your skin with a sleek fit. This new unique waistband is the first of Its kind on the market, and offers a mixed coloured line across the band , this is trully suberb manufacturing, a very rare to find. (95% cotton/5% Spandex). Now with the stronger US dollar this is real value for money at just over $20 or Euro16.
CLICK ON THE IMAGE on the left the get a full-size image of the midpoint hipster boxer. But good news is this is also available in jock-strap design. To see the full range of Croota underwear available at GREAT PRICES! from mv4men, click on the logo below – Happy Shopping

gay underwear, gay swimwear, gay summer fashion, Greek designer underwear for men

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Review: Lobbo Cotton G-string

Jueves, 29 de Diciembre de 2011

I was asked to review the Lobbo Cotton G-string from abcunderwear.com. I know many of you guys aren’t into thongs or g-strings, but I if you were ever tempted to try one out, then this would be the perfect g-string for a newbie.  It is a basic g-string. The pouch is large enough to hold everything in it without smooshing you. It is like a pair of boxer briefs on your junk with elastic string holding it in place. I found the pouch’s width to be great in proportion to my body. I wore it to the gym, lounged in it at home and even slept in it. I own several g-strings and did not think that this one was any better or any worse. The only thing I thought was lacking was the quality of the pouch’s fabric. I personally prefer cotton to be a softer than the material ABC used.

Are most of you going to wear this to the gym? Probably not. Will I wear it to the gym again? You bet! The price on abcunderwear.com is great if you really want to get one or if you are curious about trying underwear that is out of your normal comfort zone. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will love to see you in something sexy or skimpy. Mine does!


  • Inexpensive
  • good starter g-string for newbies


  • cotton cold be softer
Fit: 4
Material: 2
Construction: 4
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 4
Overall: 3.8


This pair furnished for review by ABC Underwear

Reviwed by UNB Thong Guy

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Introducing Cocksox and Toddland at Skiviez

Viernes, 9 de Diciembre de 2011

We listened! Customers asked us to start carrying the Cocksox brand, and we’re proud to introduce a selection of the hot Australian brand at Skiviez. And due to popular demand, we’ve re-stocked styles in the Toddland brand.

Cocksox—sexy, fun, enhancing underwear

Cocksox’s claim to fame is that it can provide an enhanced, natural profile without rings, slings, straps, supports, padding, or any other of the enhancing technologies that other brands have dreamed up. The cotton fabric is a bit thicker than what you’d normally find in underwear, and it has Lycra mixed in to ensure a snug fit.

We’re launching the brand at our store with 5 styles in stock. From jock straps to thongs to briefs, you’re sure to find a package-enhancing Cocksox item that’s right for you.

Cocksox Brief

Cocksox Brief

Toddland—for those with a sense of humor

Toddland Shalom Boxer Brief

Toddland Shalom Boxer Brief

Toddland is a fascinating mix of vintage styling and an offbeat sense of humor. You’re sure to find playful items in this fun brand. What’s not to love about the Toddland “Manstache” Trunk? And I certainly never thought that I’d see “Grey w/ Burger” in the color field of a product sold at Skiviez.

Looking for a quirky holiday gift? Why not give the Toddland Shalom Boxer Brief with its cute depictions of dreidels and menorahs. Or make sure the Nick in your life is dressed for the season in the Toddland Santa Boxer Brief.

What’s next?

Do you know of a brand that you’d like us to check out? Send us an e-mail, message us on Facebook, or tweet @Skiviez. We’re still listening!

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A spectrum of new color in your life: Baskit Contrast Collection

Viernes, 9 de Diciembre de 2011

Traditional underwear taken to a whole new place, this 100% cotton range takes bold colors and adds trim and waistbands in even bolder contrasting colors, creating a collection of flair, substance, and style.  This pair will stand out amongst the other black and white pairs, and you are going to reach for these every single time.  Call this your “going on a date pair”….Available in a full range of contrasting colors in a jock, brief, trunk or boxer brief.  Check this pair out at Baskit’s website.

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Luis & Juke Trunks Reviewed

Domingo, 20 de Noviembre de 2011
A while back I mentioned a new brand called Luis & Juke that specializes in fun, fashionable underwear for men.  The designs are inspired by 1950s American rock and roll with bright colors and fun prints.  Today I’d like to tell you about their Stevie Trunk, I tried mine in Singin’ the Blues, but they’re available in many more fun colors
Starting with the fit, these are what I would call a generous fit.  I’ve got to say they’re much more coverage than the underwear I normally wear (especially since I’ve recently been on a briefs roll).  That’s not to say strictly that more coverage is a bad thing, it’s just not what I’m personally used to.  The legs hit mid thigh and the back coverage is ample.  I definitely feel like everything is kept in place and under control with these on; no fear of falling out.  The pouch has a functional fly and is well rounded to accommodate your junk.  The ass has seams set to the far sides, which leads me to believe that these would comfortably stretch and conform to those who have more junk in the trunk.  Just a word to the wise, when I first got these they were a little too large for me (granted I’m in between sizes).  But due to the cotton content I was able to shrink them down in the dryer to a more comfy size (although technically you are supposed to line dry these). 
These undies are very comfy.  As I said I feel like everything is held together comfortably in them with no fear of falling out.  The modest coverage makes these great undies for knocking around the house in while the patterns available make them fun and stylish (more on that later).  The waistband is a little wider than most (about 1.5x the size of the average one).  The inside of the waistband is soft and smooth and doesn’t cut.  All the seams are flat stitched, making for a smooth and comfy fit all around.  The legbands are a thin elastic that is tight enough to keep things in place but not too tight to detract from the comfort.  And like most comfy undies these days, the tag is printed on the inside, so no itchiness going on there.  And again like many comfy undies, these guys are 95% cotton, 5% elastane (for shape).
I really like the style of these trunks, in fact the style is what makes them.  They’re a great comfy, go-go to pair for days when you just need that comfort.  But the style is what makes me want to put them on and feel excited about wearing them.  The pair that I tried is a fun blue and yellow striped pattern, you can definitely see the rock inspiration.  They also have tons of other great, bright prints available, all with that 1950s vibe.  If pattern isn’t your thing, they also just have plain colors. 
As for the quality and value?  These undies are great quality.  They hold up well to multiple washes and dries!  The stitching is well done and the fabric is well made.  At £10.95 at Rockola (that’s about $17), they’re a steal. 


Overall, I give the Luis and Juke Stevie Trunks a total score of 8.5 based on the following criteria:
FIT — 8 (out of 10) – Generous coverage. Mid-thigh, higher waist. For me they were a little large but can be shrunk to size.
COMFORT — 8 (out of 10) – Very comfy, go-to pair. 
STYLE — 9 (out of 10) – The style is fun and exciting.  1950s flair!

QUALITY — 8 (out of 10) – Well made. Holds up to the washer and dryer.

VALUE — 9 (out of 10) -Much less expensive than a lot of what we talk about here on MUB.  Good buy for stylish and comfy go-to pair. 

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Baskit $12 Tuesday

Martes, 27 de Septiembre de 2011

Today’s Pair for the Baskit $12 Tuesday is the Pure Boxer Brief. The pure line is made from Eco-Friendly cotton so if you want to do something good for the planet and wear great undies this pair is for you!  While you are there, they have the entire Pure line and some swimwear 50-70% off till Sunday!



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Second Skin 04 Croota underwear

Lunes, 19 de Septiembre de 2011

Croota new Second Skin 04 series – designer underwear

With the Second Skin 04 added to their range, one of our classic ranges at mv4men, Croota, the latest in Australian designer underwear for men, true to form has done it again. Unlike most companies offering a yearly update int heir collection, Croota never ceases to surprise with constant new additions to their men’s underwear collections.
The Second Skin 04 is a continuation of a range of low-cut briefs in black with white leg trim and a striking floral broad waist band. The whole range is moulded to the body and available in all sizes from S to XL. Produced in 95% cotton, 5% polurethane to give it the classic hold and style of the brand, this is designer fashion at affordable prices. Retailing for just under $23 or Euro16 things really don’t get much better than this. At mv4men we make it our job to look around hte market to find value for money in terms of quality and design and this is a sure winner. To see more of the range just click on the logo below.

gay underwear, gay swimwear, gay summer fashion, Greek designer underwear for men

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Croota Through Boxer | new to mv4men

Lunes, 19 de Septiembre de 2011

New Through boxer review from Croota

I told you so, it just doesn’t stop. Croota has just brought out yet a new addition to its range. “Through” is available in black, blue and navy in all sizes (you can clip on the left image for a closer look). Each coloured trimmed and matched with the characteristic Croota waistband.
It is what the company describes as a “Lo-Rise hipster with mixed cotton and satin elastic waistband.” It  features a sporty square-cut and body-hugging design, made from a high quality cotton which feels just great against the skin while providing that sleek Croota fit. (95% cotton /5% Spandex). In our review it scores high points for both quality of the material, overall design and price.

Worried about the price of designer underwear – no need to, this range retails at US$20 or Euro 14.60 so you won’t get better designer quality underwear for lower than that so show me where I can. Again to see the full range of Croota and other exclusive yet inexpensive mens underwear designers take a look at our ranges by clicking on the banner below – and don’t forget we make it our job to scout the world for high quality value for money designer men’s underwear – and this is just one more excellent example.
gay underwear, gay swimwear, gay summer fashion, Greek designer underwear for men

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